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Ericka, Principal of Earl Boyles Elementary

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Principal’s Message

Hello Earl Boyles Families,

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! I hope all of you had a wonderful, safe and healthy summer! We are looking forward to the new school year with enthusiasm , as we plan for reopening the school doors to the children and community once again. We want to assure you that we will do our best to help your child experience academic, social, and emotional growth in a safe, caring environment. With your help, this will be an excellent school year. This letter includes important back to school information that will help to achieve a good start to the year. 

The state of Oregon has identified the first week of school (September 7-10) as Care and Connection Week. This is an opportunity for staff, students, and families to foster care, connection and community, and to create a healthy foundation for the school year. The past year, we relied heavily on your partnership in your child’s education and we are so grateful for that gift. Please watch the Back to School video attached below to learn more about our start to the school year.

As you may be aware, our district is following the state guidance and has identified a schoolwide staggered start at the elementary level as the best way to cultivate this opportunity. Earl Boyles will be split into three groups based on last name/household. Students will attend one of the three days: Tuesday September 7th, Wednesday September 8th, or Thursday September 9th. These will be typical school days, 9:00am to 3:30pm. Please send your child to their assigned staggered start day. There will not be a late start this Wednesday. School buses will run as usual and lunch will be served. This staggered schedule will provide teachers the opportunity to get to know your child and their individual needs. All students will attend school Friday September 10th. 

Your staggered start date and teacher’s name will be sent home in a mailing. You will also be contacted the week of August 30th by your students’ teacher, reminding you of the day they will attend and welcoming them to Earl Boyles. We were hoping to do this session in person, but to adhere to COVID-19 measures and keep our school community safe we moved to a virtual format. For families that cannot attend, we will record the evening sessions.

As the year progresses, and as you become either more informed or more puzzled, we encourage you to call the school and talk with those who might be of help. If your questions deal with in-class events, please ask to speak with the teacher. If it deals with the overall program, curriculum, or activities, please feel free to contact me directly. One of our goals is to see that parents and guardians of students, like the students themselves, feel safe and at home at Earl Boyles. To accomplish this, we will follow universal safety precautions recommended by the state and Oregon Health Authority. We will communicate weekly through email, and monthly through our BARK Newsletter which will provide information about school events, and activities. We welcome and encourage your participation in partnership in your child’s education. Because safety is one of our priorities, we are not able to have large, in-person gatherings at school at this time, but we are committed to engaging with you in other ways such as phone calls, emails, and virtual meetings. Keep in mind as you read this letter, it reflects conditions and guidelines as they exist today. We all know that the only constant about this nearly 2-year pandemic is rapid change. As conditions change, so might some of our protocols. Below are items of interest:


Information regarding class placement and staggered start will be sent home in the mail. Also, this information will be posted in front of Earl Boyles’ front door. Please note that during the first week, students will only come to school on their start date and Friday Sep. 10. 



Please do not purchase supplies for your child. Our district is generously supplying the materials your child will need for the start of the school year. There may be special projects throughout the year that require other materials, but for now, you do not need to purchase the start-up supplies such as pencils, papers, etc.


We will be welcoming new staff members this year that bring a diverse range of talent and skills. I look forward to having you meet:

New staff to Earl Boyles:
  • Christie Collier – Reading Specialist
  • Cassy Pinard – Music
  • Bree Elkins – Counselor
  • Naomi Medrano – 5th grade
  • Trevor Reamer – 5th grade
  • Jessika Joers – 4th grade
Grade level teams:
  • Preschool: Katie Nordstrom, Carrie Tercek, Mahyte Colon-Carrion
  • Kindergarten: Cynthia Casteel, Crystal LeGallo, Vickie Saula
  • First Grade: Heather Gerritz, Karen McDonald
  • Second Grade: Megan Larsen, Holly Loew, Matt Marlia 
  • Third Grade: Heidi Buckner, Linda Long
  • Fourth Grade: Jessika Joers, Annemarie Reyes
  • Fifth Grade: Kim Graham, Naomi Medrano, Trevor Reamer
  • Special Education: Jennifer Mazalook
  • Speech: Racheli Ross, Rachel Ludeman
  • Title I Reading Specialist: Christie Collier
  • Music: Cassy Pinard
  • PE: My Thach
  • Language Development Specialist (LDS): Maria Adams 
  • Student Achievement Specialist (SAS): Lindsay DeFazio
  • Student Behavior Specialist (SBS)/Climate Coach: Kayla Thomas-Walker
  • Counselor: Bree Elkins
  • SUN Coordinator: Erika Hernandez

The staff has been working diligently to prepare for the students’ first day of school and will continue their high standards for student learning, and behavior throughout the school year in a safe environment. It will be important that you are aware that we will all be expected to wear our masks, wash our hands, use hand sanitizer when entering the building or learning spaces, maintain physical distance, and follow hygiene guidelines while in school.


Earl Boyles is proud to continue to offer a full day preschool program to our 3 and 4 year olds living in our enrollment area. The preschool is in partnership with Preschool Promise, Head Start and David Douglas. We believe that by partnering early with families we can support your child through their educational journey together.


We will NOT be posting route sheets to the district website. We will use our Versatrans E-Link for parents to access and see what their student’s bus schedule and stop location is. E-Link provides live up to date routing information from our system – which hard copies do not. Once hard copies are produced, they are instantly outdated as changes occur frequently. Detailed instructions are on the Transportation website on how to access this information. Our transportation department has shared this link: https://www.ddouglas.k12.or.us/departments/transportation-information/bus-route-information/


Earl Boyles is a SUN Community School. The SUN Service System (SUN) leads to educational success and family self-sufficiency through an integrated network of social and support services for youth, families and community members. This nationally recognized system of care, works to ensure families are healthy so they can champion and support their children. Through our SUN partnership, we are able to offer a weekly food pantry, after school classes, adult education, and many more exciting experiences.We will continue to provide an opportunity for after-school SUN. Be on the lookout in September for the registration form if you are interested in having your child participate.


This year we will have before and after school childcare available on site for Kindergarten-5th grade families. If you are interested please contact our office at 503-256-6554.


All students will receive free breakfast and lunch if requested. Because we cannot have large gatherings due to safety concerns, we may send a sack breakfast home the day before so your child will be able to eat it at home before coming to school each day. 


Unfortunately to begin the year, we will not be able to allow visitors and volunteers into our buildings on a regular basis during the instructional day. As the year progresses, we will reevaluate this, but in order to provide a safe environment in the school as we start the year we are limiting visitors in the building to keep our student cohorts safe.


  • School begins on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 (We are on a staggered start schedule. Your child’s classroom teacher will share your child’s staggered start day)
  • First full day for all students will be Friday, September 10, 2021
  • Doors open at 9:00 a.m. for students 
  • School hours for grades PK-5 are 9:00 am – 3:30 pm. 
  • Students can find out their assigned teacher in the following ways:
    • Student placement information is included in the back to school letter
    • Class lists will be posted on the front doors on Friday, August 27 after 4:00 pm

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (Also listed on on website):

This year is my thirteenth year at Earl Boyles as the principal, and my thirtieth year as an educator! Based on our shared experiences as we lived, and taught together through a pandemic together, we continue to reimagine what education looks like for all of us. We are continuing to figure out how to engage and partner to best serve your child in the safest way possible. It’s important that we continue to work together, and support each other during this difficult time. Please take time to express the importance of following the safety precautions with your child before they come to school. It will also be very important that you do a visual health screening at home, and if your child is experiencing any symptoms, please keep them home to keep all of us safe and healthy.

As I close this letter, there is one more thing I wanted to share with you. I have made the decision to retire at the end of the school year in June. Being the principal at Earl Boyles has been one of the great joys in my life. There will be more information regarding this transition as the year progresses. I will never forget this community, the children, family and staff, and all of the life lessons I’ve learned along the way. This year I am committed to making the best year ever with some of the finest families, children and educators I know!

We have an exciting year ahead at Earl Boyles. I look forward to working alongside you to create a safe and engaging learning environment for your children. I love working in such a fine school with outstanding staff members, great families, and wonderful children. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of the Earl Boyles community, and to work with a staff that is dedicated to a quality education for all children.  

Please call the office if you have questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing as many families as possible at our virtual Classroom Care and Connect Sessions on September 2nd from 5:30-6:30.  Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!


Ericka Guynes 

Earl Boyles Principal

Enrollment and Registration

If you or someone you know needs to enroll a student, it can be done online. Please visit our registration web page.


Connect to Kindergarten (Orientation) [2021]

Mission and Vision:

View the Earl Boyles mission and vision statement here

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