COVID-19 Distance Learning Information/Resources + Contact Info

Important Information

Logging into Google Classroom

For instructions on how to log in, please refer to this document: Login Information

Your child’s classroom teacher has your child’s student ID and password if you are unsure of what it is.

For a video guide:

Logging into the Dashboard/Google Classroom (English)

Logging into the Dashboard/Google Classroom (Cantonese)

Chromebook Support Website

Please visit: if you need help setting up wifi, logging onto a Chromebook, and even switching between multiple accounts on a Chromebook.

You are also able to give a call if you need additional support at: 503.261.8391

Contacting Our School Counselor

Mrs. McHone, Earl Boyles School Counselor

Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 8:15am-9:15am and Tuesday, Thursday @ 10:30am-11:30am

Ways to contact Mrs. McHone

Email address:

Phone: 503-256-6500 extension 8109

Mrs. McHone can speak with students and families via conference call using Google Meet or by phone. To arrange a time to speak with Mrs. McHone, please email her directly (see above) or call her office phone and leave a message. Voicemail will automatically be forwarded to Mrs. McHone’s email.

Four Articles for Families: About Teaching at Home

7 Guiding Principles for Parents Teaching From Home

Understanding the “why” behind teaching practices can help parents create meaningful and effective at-home learning opportunities during the pandemic.

The Neuroscience Behind Productive Struggle

Challenging tasks spur the production of myelin, a substance that increases the strength of brain signals. Here are four strategies to incorporate productive struggle into your lessons.

5 Home Learning Experiences for the Elementary Grades

Activities that incorporate speaking and listening, reading and writing, math, music, science, art, and drama—and are parent-friendly.

DIY Ways to Meet a Child’s Sensory Needs at Home

Occupational therapists and trauma-informed teachers weigh in on how to create sensory tools and spaces with what you have at home.

Distance Learning Packet Distribution at Earl Boyles

Earl Boyles staff members and volunteers distributing packets.

Every Tuesday at Earl Boyles from 1:00-5:00 Distance Learning Packets will be distributed for families. As of right now our family pick-up time will be from 1:00-5:00, but we may need to modify the time to accommodate families, but for now this is our starting place.  I recognize that this change is challenging on many levels, and we need to show grace and patience for each other as we embark on this new journey together. Flexibility and partnerships will be the key to our success on this journey!

Below are additional resources you may find helpful:

Crisis Resource Information

Please refer to this flyer sent out by the David Douglas District for crisis-related info: Link at