Dental Sealants

Important Information

Dental Sealant Updates: Each year we have been able to increase support for our dental sealant program in grades 2nd and 3rd. This is thank to our partnerships with School and Community Oral Health Programs. This year we were able to give the following number of children dental care that would have cost $3,370 in the private sector. Children found with urgent dental needs will have had their parents contacted and referrals have been made.

  1. Number of Students Screened: 28
  2. Number of Students Receiving Sealants: 17
  3. Number of Children Referred for Urgent Dental Needs: 0

Oregon Business Council Video: A couple of months ago a video crew from the Oregon Business Council came out to videotape our preschool and we wanted to share the final version of the video. They will use the video to promote the importance of starting early and educating the whole child.  They said, “We appreciate all the work you are doing for children!”