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CoronaVirus Updates (February 2020)

Please refer to this link for more information about the CoronaVirus and our schools in the district:

Chickenpox (November 5, 2019)

We sent home the following letters, but if you wish to refer to them online, here they are in different languages:

When should my child stay home?

Refer to this document: Exclusion Guidelines

DDSD Wellness Policy

The David Douglas School District has a Wellness Policy that was last updated and adopted by our school board in 2017. The policies are aligned with the Federal standards under the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, the Oregon Physical Education 2017 and USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. The district is committed to the optimal development of every student and believes that a positive, safe and healthy learning environment is necessary for students to have the opportunity to achieve. Here are a few of our commitments and Key changes to DDSD wellness policies:

  • New rules around which foods are available to students outside of meals
  • All foods used for rewards offered on the school campus will meet or exceed the nutrition standards set by the USDA and the Oregon Smart Snacks Standards. This includes, but is not limited to rewards and incentives.
  • All foods offered as celebrations on the school campus are encouraged to meet the nutrition standards set by the USDA and the Oregon Smart Snacks Standards. This includes, but is not limited to, celebrations and parties. Please do not send cupcakes or candies as birthday treats to the classroom. The treats must meet the Smart Snack Standards and you can see if they do by using the Smart Snack Standards calculator at:
  • New guidance for marketing of foods and beverages at school
  • Changes to how often schools need to report on their progress and who they need to involve in the process
  • Improved guidance about monitoring and evaluation of policies
  • All foods and beverages sold and used for rewards to students must meet Smart Snacks requirement
  • Smart Snacks are in effect for the entire school day (midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the school day) across the entire school campus.
  • Physical activity will not be withheld for punishment
  • The district will integrate wellness activities throughout the entire school environment

Our district is fully committed to insuring compliance with the Smart Snacks standards. A Smart Snack food item must:

  • Be a grain product that contains 50% or more whole grain or have as the first ingredient whole grain; or
  • Have as the first ingredient, one of the non-grain major food groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy or protein foods; or
  • Be a combination food that contains one quarter cup of fruit and /or vegetable; or
  • Have one of the food items above as a second ingredient if water is the first ingredient

As we work to change our foods and beverages across campus, we would appreciate your support. We know as we all embrace change together and work together to find solutions during this change process that we can all be successful! If you have questions regarding our district’s Wellness Policy, please give us a call.

Wellness Policy
Wellness Highlights Brochure

Safe Oregon

Safe Oregon is a state sponsored website that is a place for students and families to report concerns, including bullying or safety issues, to the school. We will review this with students, but want you to know about this resource as well.

Immunization and Exemption Rates Report

Immunizations are an excellent way to protect yourself and your family against many diseases. Age-appropriate immunization starts at birth and continues through adulthood, with special emphasis through age two. Senate Bill 895, passed in 2015, requires schools and child care facilities to have their immunization and exemption rates available at their main offices, on their websites, and for parents on paper or electronic format. If you have questions, please contact:

Multnomah County’s Immi Team
Hotline: 503-988-4724

Follow this link for information on DDSD schools’ immunization rates.

Safety Concern

As we see more and more edible with Cannabis as the main ingredient we need to remind students not to take candy from people. Unfortunately the edibles are looking more and more like the candy our children eat. You may consider having the discussion with your child about this, and share this quiz that was shared by Miss McDonald:

Teachers are using this quiz when teaching safety lessons from the Great Body Shop to discuss this topic.