Preschool Update

Important Information

Our preschool model has changed for next year.  We are moving from a half-day program to a full-day program. We will still have three preschool classrooms, with wonderful teachers and assistants, but the number of children we are able to serve will decrease.  There are many benefits to moving to a full-day model.  A full day will allow children an opportunity to experience learning at a slower pace throughout the day, they will have a quiet rest time, breakfast and lunch, and still experience Music, PE and play in the early learning courtyard.  We will still serve 3 and 4 year olds who live in our catchment area; however, priority will be given to our 4-year olds.

Typically our preschool registration process starts after spring break.  However, because of COVID we cannot do our typical process because we do not want to put anyone at risk. In order to keep families safe we have decided to move to an online application form.  

EB Preschool Online Application:

This online preschool application will collect the applicant’s information online for the first step in the process. On May 29 we will start to review all applications. By the second week in June families will be notified if they were selected to enroll in the program. If selected, we will call the families to arrange for a registration/enrollment packet to be given for completion. Registration is a multi-step process for preschool because we have limited slots available. Below is a summary of the process:

  1. Complete the online screening application
  2. Applications will be reviewed for the selection process starting May 29  
  3. During the application review, priority will be given to 4-year old students as there is limited space, but if there is space we also accept 3 year olds.  
  4. You must live in the Earl Boyles attendance area to attend the Earl Boyles preschool, we cannot accept variances, or students outside our area 
  5. If the application is accepted, the family will be contacted to complete a registration/enrollment packet 

View our information flyer for more details. Much gratitude for your patience as we learn this new process.